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Case Study - How Birth Position Can Affect Latch, Feeding, Development

Just fix the latch. It sounds simple but is extremely complex. Just pump and bottle feed. Again, sounds simple but this does not address core issues when a baby really needs some more help. Everything in the body is connected, nothing is separate. A picture is worth a thousand words. I think these pictures alone will show you why some latches hurt and some can't function at all. This case study is being presented through the SBAR format: Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation. I also wrote about the outcome for Baby since I was able to work very closely with Mother and Baby for several months.

Meet Baby. I met Baby when he was three weeks old. The above picture was taken one week after our first visit. Mother scheduled a lactation consultation to address; latching, staying latched, and she wanted to talk about pumping. The first thing I noticed was Baby Bear's severe torticollis (#iamnotadoctor). His cheek was literally glued to his shoulder. I pretty much …

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