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Pretty Good Year! Molly's Breastfeeding Journey

I met Molly almost four weeks postpartum and her main goal was to wean from the nipple shield. Molly was given the shield in the hospital because she had an inverted nipple. I'm not sure she needed the shield though. I've been working out-patient for a decade and I also spent four years working in a hospital. I know shields are very necessary and save breastfeeding in some cases. In other cases, they weren't needed. If a nipple is flat or inverted, I like to work with the baby to determine their full latching potential. Some babies can latch onto anything no matter what the nipple looks like if given the opportunity. Sometimes hospital staff will look at the nipple and just make an assumption without evaluating the baby's ability to latch. Sometimes the baby is really struggling with the latch and that's when the staff will pull out a shield. Sometimes latch seems fine in the hospital and then I see the baby out-patient and have to pull out a shield. Any who.…

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